So you want to be a Flermernger?

The Flermerngers are a team-based clan that plays together. If you don't actively seek out clanmates / friends when you play, we're not for you.

But if you prefer to play with a fireteam, join us! You're only 3 steps away from membership in the most frabjous clan on the interwebs!

NOTE: Our PC clan is currently closed to new members. Returning past members are welcome to rejoin, but please be aware that you may be on a waitlist for several weeks.

1. Accept Rules

We welcome chill adults who agree to follow our three simple rules...

1. Wear Pink

Flermerngers embrace their majestic awkwardness. If you're an emo Dead Orbit warrior or want to strut around in matching armor with shiny raid shaders, this is NOT the group for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now that Destiny shaders are semi-permanent, you should be rocking pink shaders like Dawn and Dusk, Metallic Sunrise or Nebula Rose on as much of your gear as possible.​ Bonus points for pink/absurd emblems and transmat effects.

2. Participate

Our Discord server is the core of our clan. When we can't play games, we all enjoy chatting about them (or other random topics) with friendly people. Members should be present on Discord at least weekly, even if just to say that you're busy and not currently playing. Please post on Discord before you play cooperative content, especially before you go looking on other LFG sites. Add other clan members to your friends list and invite each other to party chat when appropriate. Recognize that gently recruiting new members is everyone's​ job, not just admins.

3. Don't Be a Dick

We have zero tolerance for assholes in chat. This includes general douchenozzles, super salty players, and people using language that's way too spicy for friendly play ("gay", "f*g", "n*gger", "c*nt", etc). This behavior gets one warning before a ban. Rage quitting will earn an immediate ban with no warning.

(We understand that some people act more mature than their age, and some less. If you act and sound 18+ and don't tell anyone you're not, you're probably fine. We don't ask anyone their age unless they act or sound immature.)

2. Provide Contact Info

We're only interested in the platforms on which you want to team up to play multiplayer games.

If you're on PC, please enter your unique ID such as custom Steam profile name or SteamID64 which you can look-up here.

Please enter your Discord ID including trailing number, e.g. Lyme#2345. If you don't have Discord yet, you should get it now!

Please visit, log-in, click your avatar at the top right, click View Profile, then copy/paste the link here, e.g. https://www.​​/en/Profile​/254​/2462360​/Lyme (this step is optional, but if you don't provide it now, you'll have to send it to our mods later to get your clan invite).

Your email will remain private -- it's only used by the admins to contact you in case there's an issue during the join process, if you lose access to your Discord account for some reason (it has happened), or we may use it one time only to invite back members who were removed for inactivity (although we have never done this in 5+ years).

Please check all that apply.

We like our fellow Flermerngers to have some personality. So tell us about yourself! (We have denied membership for half-assing this answer.)

3. Join Discord

Once you submit, you'll see a link to our Discord server. You'll join as a Flermling (new member) -- and playing in fireteams with our members and chatting on our server will automatically earn you rank which will soon let you upgrade to a full member and claim your in-game clan spot!