Ermahgerd Flermerngers

The Friendliest, Most Fabulous Destiny Clan
On PC, Xbox and PS4

Heyo! We're Ermahgerd Flermerngers, or Flermerngers for short -- the Destiny-focused Pink-Clad Clan™.
You can find us on PC, Xbox and PS4.

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About Us

Everybody is Welcome

Regardless of whether you're a total noob or a D1 pro, you've got a home with the Flerms. We welcome everybody, regardless of skill level!

Not Just Destiny!

Mostly we play Destiny, but we sometimes team up for others such as Minecraft, Overwatch, Monster Hunter World, Pokemon, Borderlands, and more!

We Wear Pink

Our schtick is that we wear pink in game, because we think it's fun. (If you want to wear pink IRL, that's up to you. Send photos.)

Bro, Do You Even Discord?

We coordinate games in our Discord server. Find groups, discuss strats, and talk smack! Use our join form (linked above) to get an invite.


Due to the size of our clan, it's easy to find groups to play Destiny with, no matter the time or the skill level! Across the clan we have achieved over 3600 raid completions. It's easy to find groups for strikes, patrols, PVP, quests, and other secrets that Destiny 2 has to offer.

We welcome people of all skill levels, whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore player since Destiny 1. If you're a diehard player then take a look at our game records and see if you can break them!

Fastest Normal SoS Clear

25 min

Highest Nightfall Score


Flawless Trials Runs



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If you like what you've seen so far and would like to join our flermily, click here to fill out a short join form! (It's painless, we promise.)

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